Rooted in ancient traditions of meditation, mindfulness has become the subject of increasing scientific attention in recent years, as a rapidly-expanding body of research is suggesting it can help people with decision making, focus, communication, creativity as well as promoting general well-being in the home and the workplace.


Research has consistently shown that programmes based on mindfulness can help people reduce their levels of stress, while neuroscientific studies have shown that practising mindfulness appears to be associated with increased positive emotions. That's what we set out to achieve for you.

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Whether you are new to mindfulness or have an established practice we help you enhance your focus, reduce stress and reflect 1:1.


Our careers bring unique challenges into our lives. Find out how we can work together to bring wellbeing to your workplace.


From motivating audiences to helping people find
their purpose; we have been invited to a number of fantastic organisations to inspire change.

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CEO & Lead Coach

Jay Shetty is a mindfulness, meditation and motivation coach from London. In the last 10 years Jay has helped more than 10,000 people to find their purpose through ancient wisdom.

Jay has developed corporate well-being programs, delivered keynotes and led workshops to empower people to apply mindfulness techniques in their lives successfully. He combines experiences from his time at business school with living as a monk in India and working as a digital strategist at a global consulting firm to share practical, accessible and relevant techniques. 

Having lived a hectic professional life, Jay is confident that these tools can help people improve their personal wellbeing; drive productivity, increase focus and most of all fulfil their potential.

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